The test area is here! On January 4, 2019, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government officially approved the "Framework Plan for the Comprehensive Reform Experimental Zone of Yiwu International Trade", marking the opening of a new chapter in the development of Yiwu.

Benchmarking free trade zone, dry test zone

It has an epoch-making significance for Yiwu


The benchmarking of the free trade zone and the dry test zone is a strategic choice to implement the spirit of the important instructions of the internship of the General Secretary of the General Secretary of the People's Republic of China, and to further deepen the reform and openness of the "eight-eighth strategy."

The benchmarking free trade zone and the dry test zone are effective carriers for implementing the national “Belt and Road”, the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the expansion of the import strategy and the implementation of the “Four Major” by the provincial party committee.

The benchmarking of the free trade zone and the dry pilot zone is the key to implementing the requirements of the provincial party committee to “make greater efforts to promote Yiwu’s new round of reform and opening up”, adhere to and deepen the “Yiwu development experience”, and build the world’s “small commodity capital”. Grasp the hand.

The benchmarking of the free trade zone and the dry test zone is a strong support for improving the energy level and core competitiveness of Yiwu City, better promoting high quality development and creating a high quality life.

Then, where is the newly approved Yiwu International Trade Comprehensive Reform Experimental Zone? What kind of goal will it reach? How will it be implemented next?

Xiaobu learned that the scope of the test area covers the whole area of Yiwu City + Jinyi City New District (Jindong Film) + multi-point (including Zhejiang-Zhonghai Railway Intermodal Port, Lanxi Jiabao International Logistics Park, Dongyang International Logistics Park, Yongkang Dry Port, etc.) The total area is 1283.77 square kilometers. Among them, Yiwu City is 1,105 square kilometers, and Jinyi City New Area is 176 square kilometers.

The Framework Programme is clear,

The construction of the test area will be implemented in two stages:

The first stage:

By 2020, the regional framework of the Yiwu International Trade Comprehensive Reform Experimental Zone will be basically pulled out, and the dominant and characteristic industries will be basically formed. The comprehensive strength and construction image will have a preliminary impact on similar platforms across the country, and basically become the world's leading international small commodity trade center. Industry, new models, new technologies, new organizational forms, integrated agglomeration, advanced manufacturing and modern service industry deep integration.

second stage:

By 2035, we will build a comprehensive modern trade and trade circulation system and an international trade mechanism to achieve trade growth and dynamism, modern circulation and advanced manufacturing, financial services and a virtuous cycle of the real economy, and build a world-class "commodity capital" at a high level.

The test area is not an administrative area, but an economic area, and it is not the main carrying area of the trade area. To benchmark the free trade zone and the dry test zone, the focus is on "1, 4, 5, 8", that is, "one core, four major plates, five major innovations, and eight major breakthroughs."

"One core"

Focusing on "free trade", we will strive to be included in the Zhejiang Free Trade Zone, develop into a free trade port, and promote high-quality development. We must first try the reform measures of mass trade and investment facilitation liberalization, innovate free and convenient cargo entry and exit management systems, freely accepting financial management systems, domestic and foreign taxation systems, free entry and exit systems, and foreign investment. Pre-entry national treatment plus negative list management system to build a distinctive inland free trade port.

"Four plates"

Export sector. About 11.2 square kilometers, mainly relying on international trade city, financial business district, Yiwu port, etc., to promote market innovation and development, and comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of Yiwu small commodities in the world.

Imported re-export plate. It is about 15.8 square kilometers, mainly relying on open platforms such as new bonded port areas, railway ports, air ports, and international mail exchange bureaus to innovate and build import trade exhibition platforms and supporting processing zones, and develop cross-border e-commerce and modern logistics industries.

Science and Technology sector. It is about 21.8 square kilometers, mainly relying on platforms such as Shuangjiang Lake Science and Education Park, Economic and Technological Development Zone, and High-tech Zone to cultivate international education, international exchange, scientific research and development, headquarters economy, advanced manufacturing and other industries and future industries.

The industry has built a section. About 20 square kilometers, mainly relying on Jinyi Comprehensive Insurance Zone, Rookie Logistics Park and other platforms to arrange processing trade, e-commerce, advanced manufacturing and other industries related to international trade.

"Five innovations"

First, space area innovation

The scope of the test area breaks through the traditional administrative regional concept, including not only the whole area of Yiwu City, but also Jinyi City New District (Jindong Film) and Zhezhong Railway Intermodal Port, Lanxi Jiabao International Logistics Park, Dongyang International Logistics Park, Yongkang Waterless Hong Kong and other places.

Second, management system and development model innovation

Implement unified planning in space, unified layout of functions, unified coverage of policies, and unified branding for investment. Established the Administrative Committee of Yiwu International Trade Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone, and dispatched institutions for the provincial government to fully grant provincial-level authority in the field of international trade reform. The party committee secretary of the pilot area and the director of the management committee are concurrently appointed by the secretary of the Yiwu Municipal Party Committee. The internal organization is integrated according to the “maximum run once” concept and the synergistic and efficient optimization principle.

The third is planning layout innovation

In accordance with market rules and economic flows, optimize the layout of export, import, and entrepot trade, optimize the market, manufacturing, logistics, and R&D design innovation layout, and optimize the physical market and e-commerce layout.

Fourth, innovation in resource element allocation

The land security in the test area is linked to the output, and the evaluation mechanism of “acre of heroes” suitable for the characteristics of the international trade industry is established, and special land and finance policies are enjoyed. The technology, information and talents are strongly inclined to be more open. A fairer entrepreneurial and innovative atmosphere encourages entrepreneurs to gather, good projects, and good industrial agglomerations.

Fifth, policy innovation

Fully confer provincial-level authority on international trade reform. The Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress has studied and formulated the relevant regulations of the Yiwu International Trade Comprehensive Reform Experimental Zone. In the pilot area, the reform “reporting system” will be implemented. For non-law-related matters, the test area will be allowed to organize and implement it after reporting, and it will be corrected in time when risks arise.

"Big breakthrough"

1. Achieve major breakthroughs in innovative import, export, and re-export. The breakthrough is a new type of bonded port area, which promotes trade facilitation to the world's advanced level. In 2020, the import and export volume of foreign trade reached 300 billion yuan, accelerating the realization of “buying the world and selling the world”.

2. A major breakthrough in digital trade. The breakthrough is the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area, creating a nationwide leading cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform, making new explorations in service trade. The total online and offline transactions in 2020 reached 500 billion yuan.

3. Achieve major breakthroughs in high-end manufacturing. The breakthrough is to attract large and strong, to achieve the double output value of emerging industries, the industrial output value of the standard over three hundred years, to create a global small commodity innovation source, high-end manufacturing demonstration zone.

4. A major breakthrough in the “Belt and Road” initiative. The breakthrough is "Yixinouou" and Yiyizhou open the channel, taking the initiative to participate in the "Belt and Road" trade rules. In 2020, "Yixinouou" has more than 1,000 trains in the China-European class, and the import and export of the Yiwu boat has exceeded 150. With more than 100,000 TEUs, the international logistics combined cost is the lowest in the country, and it has become a world-famous “One Belt, One Road” hub city.

5. A major breakthrough in trade finance. The breakthrough is a new round of financial special reforms, vigorously developing new types of finance, becoming a regional settlement center and a cross-border trade RMB settlement center, forming an open, orderly, safe and controllable financial development environment.

6. A major breakthrough in urban energy levels. The breakthrough is the Shuangjiang Lake Science and Education Park. The city has gathered 300,000 talents for three years, and the college students have doubled in five years. It has become a city of entrepreneurship, a city of humanities and an ecological city. A modern, cosmopolitan city.

7. Achieve major breakthroughs in regional cooperation. The breakthrough is to actively integrate into the Yangtze River Delta integration. In the value chain, innovation chain, talent chain and service chain of regional cooperation competition, it occupies more high-end links and becomes the growth pole of Jinyi Metropolitan Area and the core area of Zhejiang Province. .

8. A major breakthrough in the business environment. The breakthrough is the “running at most once” reform, giving better play to the role of the market and the government's “two hands” to create a world-class city with a global business environment.

The horn of the standard free trade zone and the dry test zone has been blown. Next, the key is to boldly emancipate the mind and plan the pilot zone as an economy. The position should be high, the vision should be wide, and the landing should be realistic.

Yiwu is not only an administrative city, but also an economy. It is necessary to break the traditional administrative management thinking and methods. The economy must think, evolve and develop according to economic laws. The economy has no administrative level, but “business and business”, equality and mutual benefit, and cooperation and mutual benefit.

In the new era, Yiwu must seize the opportunity of cooperation with the economies such as Ali, and jointly create a new type of commerce and trade, and actively participate in eWTP and rulemaking; comprehensively promote digital trade, not only to the cloud, but also to connect the Internet of Things, to "cloud" drive We must vigorously promote globalization, promote internationalization to a higher level of evolution; comprehensively improve soft services, ideological concepts, business environment must reach world-class, and seize the strategic commanding heights of the new era development.

Yiwu can become a unit of national competitiveness and global productivity, change the way of existence, and change the way of trade. Behind it is to change the way of thinking, emancipate the mind, break the seal, break the administration, break the standard, break the rules and regulations, and give the new "Xingshang City" Connotation. I don’t know how to do it, I want to emancipate my mind; if I don’t do well, I must emancipate my mind; Yiwu people must dare to think, like the imagination of relativity, the imagination of quantum mechanics, break the traditional concept of time and space, dare to think about new finance, inland new customs... no emancipation of thought, no action, the world will change with us No relationship.

In the next period, the whole city center task is to benchmark the free trade zone and the dry test zone, accelerate the economic and urban transformation, and build Yiwu into the growth pole of Jinyi Metropolitan Area, the core area of the Zhejiang Central City Group, and the “Belt and Road”. The “small commodity capital” of the world of hub cities and mass entrepreneurs. To completely refresh the Yiwu pattern, with the support of platforms and projects, build a “four beams and eight pillars” in the experimental area, and do practical work. Among them, we must expand the “Dongdaemun” of Yiwu in the east, and build the “West Gate” and the Wangdao Scenic Area in Yiwu. Nantuo layout Shuangjiang Lake Science and Education Park, and the construction of high-speed rail new city and urban green lung in the north. We can't "sit south" and "sit north", run and work, can be a good day, and run out with quality results.

The construction of the experimental area is both an opportunity and a challenge. The standard free trade zone and the dry test zone have an epoch-making milestone significance for Yiwu.

We firmly believe that the Yiwu people who dare to be the first will surely work together on the road of comprehensively deepening reform and opening up. They will work together to create a new miracle of reform and opening up in Yiwu and build a world-class "commodity capital" for high quality and high level. "lay a solid foundation.


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The test area is here! Yiwu is going to do this next.

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