Abstract: On Tuesday (December 25), the US and European markets were closed for Christmas holidays. The stock market was suspended. The foreign exchange trading also had no fluctuations after the Asian market closed. The homing observation found that on the fundamentals, the government stopped to enter the fourth day, and the US president chose to abandon the holiday to stay in the White House. During the interview, he gave affirmation and support to the performance of Finance Minister Nuchin, but continued to aim at the spearhead. The Fed insisted on raising interest rates.

01 US President has supported Finance Minister Nuchin, but once again criticized the Fed for raising interest rates too fast

While the outside world is worried that the economy is weakening and the stock market is plunging, the US president expressed confidence in the finance minister Nuchin, but once again criticized the Fed for raising interest rates too fast. In addition, he also said that American companies "are the best in the world", and the stock price drop has created huge buying opportunities for investors. When asked if he had confidence in Nuchin, the US president said: "Yes, I have confidence. He is a very talented person, a very intelligent person."

02 The US and Mexico border wall grants are not available, and the government continues to stop

US President Trump said on Tuesday that part of the federal government’s suspension will continue until the funding requirements for the US-Mexico border wall are met. Due to the political stalemate in the construction of the US-Mexico border wall fund, the US government has been partially closed since Saturday and it is the fourth day. At present, the parties have not taken any concrete action to solve the problem. If the agreement cannot be reached to break the deadlock, the US government may be partially closed until the New Year.

03 Strengthening counter-cyclical adjustment, the RMB is stable and strong

The Central Economic Work Conference held recently proposed that macroeconomic policies should strengthen counter-cyclical adjustment, continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy, maintain a reasonable and sufficient liquidity, timely adjust and fine-tune, and stabilize aggregate demand.

Due to the suspension of the European and American markets, the renminbi fluctuations in the past two trading days were relatively small. After the opening, the company stabilized and strengthened, closing at 6.8872. It is expected to continue to fluctuate today.


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The US president is alone in the White House at Christmas and criticizes the Fed again.

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