Some people wake up and advance 10,000 people, about 3 years to turn; the deposit back to the shared electric car, shared car.

      "Yesterday was 9.98 million. I opened the app this morning and found it to be 9.97 million." When I woke up, Dan was a bit stunned. In the longest team in history, he made a total of 10,000 people. I don't know if it is joy or sadness. At this rate, it will take another three years to get to the turn.

       At noon on December 19th, the number of online queuings of theo small yellow car has exceeded 11.19 million. According to the deposit of the oro deposit of 99 yuan or 199 yuan, the total deposit refund is 1.1 billion to 2.2 billion yuan. On the afternoon of December 19th, the founder of ofo, Dai Wei, issued a full letter. As for when he could return the deposit and whether he could return the deposit, Dai Wei did not give an answer.

       How hard is it to refund the deposit?

       Can be discharged in about 3 years

       On the refund page of ofo Xiaohuang car, you can see that the normal refund period of the deposit is 0~15 working days, but everyone has lost confidence in this period. From December 17th, many people went to the office of ofo Beijing to queue up for the deposit in the cold wind.

       On the cusp of the wind, on the evening of the same day, theo posted a message on the official Weibo that the user who submitted the online application for refund of the deposit will review and collect the relevant information according to the order submitted by the application. After the verification, the user will enter the refund deposit sequence, ofo Will be refunded in order. At the same time, ofo public relations director Shi Shaochen sent a circle of friends said, "On-site resignation is no different from online, recommend online application." This means that online queuing will no longer have the advantage of preferential deposit. After the statement was issued, the online application for one or two months was refunded and entered a climax.

      For the time being, it is difficult to get back the deposit, whether online or offline. Offline only guides how to operate online on the platform and no longer makes a manual refund. The number of online refunds is still increasing. The ofo responded that there is currently no clear refund waiting time and the number of refunds received per day is uncertain.

      On the afternoon of December 19th, the founder of ofo, Dai Wei, issued a full letter saying that due to the failure to make a correct judgment on the changes in the external environment from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, the company has a huge cash flow pressure throughout the year. . The user's deposit will be refunded, the supplier's arrears will be paid, and the company's operations will be maintained. One dollar will be spent on three yuan. "I hope that every ofo people can agree and firmly believe that they will not evade, live bravely, be responsible for every penny we owe, and be responsible for every user who has supported us!" Said in the middle.

      Slightly ironic, the refund of the ofo deposit is difficult to provide new scams for some scammers, including refundable deposit tutorials, package refunds, and reimbursement services at different prices.


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11.19 million people queued for the refund of the deposit

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