Last year's runner-up Amazon beat Google and Apple this year and topped the list.

    The latest news, World Brand Lab (World Brand Lab) on December 20 announced the 2018 version of the "World Brands 500" list. Last year's runner-up Amazon beat Google and Apple this year and topped the list.

   (The picture shows the top 10 of the world's top 500 brands)

    The list published annually since 2004 tracks three key indicators: market share, brand loyalty and global leadership. Taken together, they provide an effective measure of how well each brand builds its market image, market share and profitability. The World Brand Lab launched this list after improving its measurement methods based on data from more than 20,000 brands worldwide.

    Amazon's significant advances in artificial intelligence and big data technologies have helped its third-quarter operating profit hit a record high in 10 years. Google continues to rank second with its advanced technology, such as research on autonomous vehicles. Apple fell to third place.

   (The picture shows the top 10 brands among the top 500 brands in the world)

    Brands from Europe and the United States have remained strong during this turbulent year. From the perspective of the number of countries with brands, the United States still maintains the number one brand in the world, with 223 brands selected, but the number has dropped by 10 compared with last year; France and the UK ranked 43 and 42 respectively. The brands are on the list, and the two countries added three brands each in 2018. In terms of GDP, 38 brands in China, the world's second largest economy, were selected, an increase from last year.

    The automotive and media industries have the largest number of brands on the list, while the food and beverage industry has slipped to third place. The Internet industry is ahead of the energy industry, with 25 brands on the list and 23 in the energy industry. There are 32 new brands on the list in 2018, down from 38 a year ago.

   (The picture shows the top 10 youngest brands in the world's top 500 brands)

    Spotify, a 12-year-old brand, and, a 22-year-old, are quickly on the list, while the history of GlaxoSmithKline dates back to a pharmacy opened in 1715.

   (The picture shows the fastest rising brands among the top 500 brands in the world's top 500 brands)

    It is reported that the World Brand Lab is the world's leading brand consulting and research company, chaired by Professor Robert A. Mundell, winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Economics. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the strategic consulting firm World Executive Group, the World Brand Lab has tracked more than 20,000 major brands in 50 countries since 2003 and has established a comprehensive global brand database. The World Brand Lab's research has been used by companies around the world to establish M&A (enterprise M&A) valuations.


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2018 World Brand Top 500 list released: Amazon rose to the top, 38 brands in China were selected

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