On November 22nd, the D&G incident continued to ferment. Following the boycott of Zhang Ziyi, Chen Kun, Di Lieba, Wang Junkai and many other stars, the major e-commerce platforms have successively removed D&G products.

    It is understood that Tmall, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Netease Koala, Vipshop and other mainstream Chinese e-commerce platforms have already sold all D&G related products. Hugo Network searched for major platforms such as T&G and Dolce & Gabbana in Tmall, Jingdong, Netease Koala, Vipshop, and Suning Tesco. The results showed that there were no related products.

    (Figure / screenshots of major mainstream e-commerce search results)

    At present, apart from D&G China official website, the brand's important e-commerce sales channels in China are almost completely cut off. In this regard, many netizens said that “it’s beautiful, don’t you leave the Chinese New Year?”

    In addition, netizens also counted several sins of D&G in China in the past:

    On August 16, 2016, D&G was punished by Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau for 6340,410 yuan for women's shoes that sold unqualified products as qualified products.

    On September 21, 2017, due to doping, adulteration in the product, fake filling, shoddy, or substandard products, it was fined 340,600 yuan by Shanghai Huangpu District Market Supervision Administration. ;

    On August 29, 2018, the company was fined 10,000 yuan by the Shanghai Pudong New Area Market Supervision Bureau for violating “the branch that was not legally registered as a limited liability company or a company limited by shares, and fraudulently used the name of the branch company”.

    In the early hours of the morning, the Italian brand D&G, which was involved in the insults and caused the "big show" to be withdrawn, issued a statement on social media ins, saying that it has "love and enthusiasm" for China, and said that it canceled the big show for the brand and all staff. It is "very unfortunate." However, in this so-called statement, D&G did not express apologies and did not apologize.


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D&G was taken off the platform of major e-commerce platforms. Netizen: It’s beautiful!

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