Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man, is also the founder and CEO of Amazon, which has a market value of nearly $1 trillion. However, Bezos warned his employees not long ago that Amazon has not reached the point of too big to fail. In fact, Amazon will one day fall.

   (Note: “Big but not down” means that when some companies with large scales or critical positions in the industry are on the verge of bankruptcy, the government needs to rescue them to avoid a huge chain reaction.)

    According to foreign media reports, Bezos made this statement at the meeting of all staff held on November 15. In the Q&A session of the meeting, the questioner asked Bezos what lessons he learned from the bankruptcy of the once powerful but now falling retail giant Sears and other large retailers.

    In this regard, Bezos replied: "Amazon is not already big and not falling. In fact, according to my prediction, Amazon will one day fall and will go bankrupt. If you have some understanding of the development of large companies You will know that their life span is often more than 30 years, not more than 100 years. And if we start to focus on ourselves rather than on customers, it will be the beginning of Amazon's end. We must delay this day as much as possible. ."

    When discussing the issues of government regulation and antitrust investigations, Bezos also said: "We are indeed a big company. And any type of large organization, whether you are a business or a government, has reasons to be subject to relevant regulatory review. ."

    This remark reflects the consistent style of Bezos to a certain extent, and he is not afraid to establish a provocative and controversial image. Of course, he is also a famous original thinker. But when thousands of sellers and employees rely on Amazon's revenue and continued success, will Bezos predict that his company will one day fail to help? In fact, this prediction may not cause any damage. Moreover, a growing and thriving business like Amazon recognizes that the company's tough times may be just around the corner, which is undoubtedly refreshing.

    Of course, Amazon's business is still in a state of prosperity, and the Q3 earnings report also shows its impressive results in the third quarter. In fact, Amazon recently announced the location of its second headquarters and plans to locate two offices in the second headquarters in New York City and Arlington near Washington, DC, which will create 50,000 in these areas. New jobs and at least $5 billion in foreign investment. It can be seen that the weakness of Amazon is not imminent.


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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: Amazon will one day fall

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