With the Canton Fair approaching, there are already many small partners who are ready to do something about it.

     These days, the studious buddies have already proposed not only the exhibits, but also more than ten Landing Pages for introducing companies and products, preparing the two-dimensional codes, and printing the homepage address of the social media. Personalized business cards and product flyers. In addition, CTA invitation emails of 2-3 rounds of exhibitions have already been issued, which can be invited, and which customers have strong interest. Compared with their peers, they have already had more ideas.

     Well, from the first day of the Canton Fair, you did so and ensured that the market was successful.

     On the first day of the show, I knew customers better than my peers.

     On the first day of the show, the vast majority of customers were collecting information. However, because of your intentions before the exhibition, they will come to your show with a much stronger purpose. Prepare the materials that correspond to the customer's attention. After the exhibition, you can focus on the points of interest.

     In addition to introducing products, you may wish to add Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat friends and customers become social friends, compared to just get a customer business card weak explosion. What's more important is that in the future, you will not have to rely solely on e-mails.

     So easy, my mother no longer has to worry about losing my customers.    

     I believe that most of my peers are collecting business cards and returning to the company to file and contact one by one.

     At this time, you can open the WeChat mini-app for social networking, scan the card, and all enter the contact library. One-click labels, send CTA email templates prepared before the show to these customers, and get a marketing coverage in minutes.

     The next day, always observe customer feedback on your marketing content, and list customers who open emails, open emails repeatedly, open click links, visit and view Landing Page on the website, and combine with your social media. Calling, stereo bombing, he must be impressed with your marketing.

     Some customers, even if they did not respond to e-mails, could express their products through browsing. Your advancement can be more focused and better mobilize his interest. And when he walks to your booth again, you have to be especially treated, targeted business negotiation?

     Use social media so that marketing is everywhere

     Now that you have become a social friend with your customers, let your marketing efforts be silent.

     You send the show's lively news to Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat's “friend circle”. Your foreign friends are all visible, and social marketing is everywhere.

     Facebook provides a very diverse way of displaying information. You can use a combination of graphic and text formats, video playback, and even live streaming. In addition to customers who have come into contact with the exhibition, customers who are not present can also be on the ground and feel the atmosphere of the exhibition.

    We take photos with customers and sign photos. These materials are marketing resources. Fill them into your pre-prepared Landing Page template. It is a beautiful and practical event marketing. Share to the official social networking home page, group , the company social networking home page, personal information flow, etc., the space covered by information is the market.

    Imagine that when your peers brush their cell phone in the air, they will return to the hotel to finish their work. Although you have worked hard, you must have a good harvest.

    What's more, when you are fully prepared before the show, you can complete it by just touching your finger during the show.


The lighting market will reach US$296.2 billion and the market potential in the Middle East and Africa will be unlimited.
Foreign media exclaimed: Foreign sellers could not help but impress China's high imitation seizures!



In the Canton Fair exhibition, why do I have a door to the market and you have a lot to choose from?

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