In 2018, the top three e-commerce markets in Europe - mobile commerce sales in the UK, France and Germany will exceed 85 billion euros, of which the UK market share will reach 57%, while the German mobile commerce market value will exceed France .

Market research firm eMarketer expects that by the end of this year, the mobile phone market in the United Kingdom will have a value of 48.6 billion euros, while Germany will have reached 22.39 billion euros and France 14.32 billion euros.

UK mobile electricity market

        Last year, the UK mobile e-commerce sales exceeded 41 billion euros, accounting for 43% of the total e-commerce sales. If eMarketer predicts that this year's mobile market will reach 48.6 billion euros this year, the UK mobile market share in the UK's overall e-commerce market will reach more than 45%.

        The following is from 2016 to 2021, the UK mobile market value data and forecast data:

Germany mobile electricity market

        eMarketer said: "Despite the downturn in the economy, but the German mobile e-commerce sales have grown steadily over the past five years." This will lead to the end of this year, the country's mobile e-commerce sales in the overall e-commerce share of nearly 39%. As of 2012, Germany's mobile commerce sales in the overall ecommerce market share has more than 2/5.

        Karin von Abrams, an analyst with eMarketer, said apparently smarter penetration rates have helped push the growth of mobile commerce in Germany. She said: "Mobile providers started relatively slowly in Germany, partly because of an aging population, but the market has improved significantly in the past year."

       The figure below is 2016-2021 Germany mobile market data and forecast data:

France mobile electricity market

        eMarketer expects French mobile e-commerce market to grow 27% this year to 14.32 billion euros, accounting for almost one-third of the country's overall e-commerce market. By 2021, the share will grow to over 38%.

       The market research firm has raised its forecast for the French e-commerce market as consumers in the country are rapidly shifting to mobile e-commerce shopping, resulting in higher overall e-commerce sales. Analysts said: "In the past, French mobile operators lagged behind European countries such as Britain, but recently French brands began to integrate their mobile commerce websites to provide an easier browsing experience, prompting more French consumers to browse through mobile devices and buy product."

        The following is the 2016-2021 French mobile market data and forecast data:


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In 2018, the market value of mobile commerce in Britain, France and Germany will exceed 85 billion euros

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