Excavate the import market "invisible champion", Lynx International to hatch 100 global listed companies

       Hugo Network News: September 29, Japan MTG and Lynx International announced the continued strengthening of strategic cooperation, and stressed that the days of the cat for its high-end brand MDNA Skin in the Chinese market exclusive official channels of authorization. Because of the excellent performance of the Chinese market by Lynx International, MTG has accelerated the global market expansion and is ready to start listing in the US.

       It is reported that the future, Lynx will focus on the excavation and incubation of more import market segments of the "invisible champion", to help more global small and medium enterprises, the future incubation of 100 similar MTG global listed companies.

Electricity business tax warfare, Massachusetts asked Amazon to announce platform seller information

       According to reports, on September 22, the Massachusetts Tax Office applied for a decree to the Suffolk County High Court to force Amazon to surrender the requested documents. "According to the complaint, Amazon's division in the state's department refused to publish these sellers' information to determine tax liability." The tax authorities asked the court to limit Amazon's filing of documents within 20 days. The court will have to decide whether or not the use of the Amazon warehousing service is a tax link.

       Avalara, a provider of tax management SaaS solutions, said a new Massachusetts law will take effect on October 1, requiring large Internet providers to pay taxes.

Amazon in India launched B2B business platform, on-line 18 hours registered sellers break 15,000

       Hewlett-Packard News: Amazon in India launched a local small and medium enterprises for the B2B business procurement platform, with the German retail giant Metro and Nandan • Nileka investment in the online procurement platform Power2SME competition.

It is reported that Amazon's B2B business platform on Wednesday (September 27) on the line, now has 100 million goods, 18 hours registered sales of 15,000 people. The company hopes its huge seller base (nearly 250,000 sellers) will be able to become customers on its B2B platform.

Ali day cat platform overseas expansion of the first stop - Russia! Will be fully operational in mid-October

       According to the Russian media Tas news agency (TASS) cited its sources reported that Alibaba is the day cat platform to the Russian market. Day cat Russia has begun to enter the test mode, and will begin in mid-October full operation.

      "The day cat Russia will be launched on the platform, which is also the first international expansion of the day cat outside the Chinese market," a source said. While Lynx will operate as an independent online store and an electric business platform in Russia, with an unlimited number of sellers.

Amazon out of the new policy, October 2 from all the goods need to weigh the weight

       Hewlett-Packard News: There is a seller feedback, received a message about the new shipping requirements of Amazon, since October 2, the seller must provide all the goods using the manufacturer's original packaging of the weight of the goods. This information can improve the accuracy of inventory records and also helps your goods more efficiently through Amazon's distribution network for faster preparation for sale. If this information has not been archived, you will receive a prompt for weighting for each ASIN when creating a new shipping plan. You are only required to provide this information once for each ASIN.

WTO public forum held in Geneva, Henan, China contribution to the world program

       On September 26, 2017, the World Trade Organization (WTO) held a WTO public forum in Geneva. Ms. Xu Ping, President of Henan Bonded Group, as the original of the "1210 model" of cross-border e-commerce, was invited by the WTO organization to participate in the international electronic trade forum jointly organized by China International Economic Exchange Center and the United Nations International Trade Center. Local time on September 28 afternoon, in the WTO headquarters, Henan Bonded Group Vice President Zhang Mingxing on behalf of EWTO Research Institute and Henan Bonded Logistics Center issued the "Zhengzhou model: E International Trade - China Solutions" report. China's program for the first time on e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce and E international trade qualitative and defined, and from the international trade trends, development difficulties, the essence of China's solutions, advantages and other aspects of a systematic exposition, the participants were strong repercussions.

Alibaba will set up three subsidiaries in Xiong An New District

       On September 29, Alibaba will set up three subsidiaries in Xiong'an New Area, fully involved in the construction of "smart Xiong An" and serve the national "Millennium Plan". The three subsidiaries are "Alibaba (Xiong An) Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.", "Ant gold service (male security) Digital Co., Ltd." and "rookie technology (Xiong An) Network Co., Ltd.", the registered capital of 160 million yuan.

       After the establishment of three subsidiaries, Alibaba and Xiong An new areas in the artificial intelligence, science and technology finance, intellectual logistics and other aspects of cooperation, and jointly promote the "smart Xiong" construction.

Suspected iPhone 8 Plus charging screen cracking, Apple said the situation is being understood

      36 Krypton News: According to Taiwan media reports, an iPhone 8 Plus female users in the process of charging accident, the Apple's front panel significantly cracked.

       Phoenix technology on the matter to contact Apple, Apple stakeholders said: there is indeed the news of the incident, is still aware of the relevant circumstances and more details, crack iPhone is still at the dealer.

       In addition, there have been Japanese users in the social platform to map, its just opened the iPhone 8 Plus also appeared in the fuselage expansion led to the screen cracking situation. According to South Korean media sources, Apple released in September three iPhone are used from Samsung SDI or LG Chem battery, which Samsung SDI is also one of the previous Note 7 suppliers.


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Lynx International to hatch 100 global listed companies, Amazon launched in India B2B business platform

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