September 22, iPhone 8 officially on sale, but in Asia and Australia to buy the first batch of cities in the past, the long queue of lively scenes have ceased to exist.

         In the past, Apple released a new product, the line outside the store will usually appear fruit powder long queue waiting for the purchase, some people even ahead of several days to line up, in order to become the first to get Apple's new products user.

But now, this is no longer the case.

iPhone 8 in Asia and Australia on sale cold: the number of queues as before

         In Asia, iPhone 8 on the sale of popularity than the previous version of the sale situation down a lot, because the fruit powder are waiting for the beginning of November iPhone X listing.

         In the 22nd iPhone 8 Beijing starting site, Apple store held a grand welcoming ceremony, but Wangfujing shop front only a total of four people line up ...

         In the Hong Kong Causeway Bay Apple store, in order to receive customers to come to the new phone, the store is two hours earlier than usual business, 8:00 has opened the door. But in more than an hour's time, probably only a dozen customers have to receive mobile phones.

        There are about 60 people waiting in front of Apple's shop in Tokyo's Omotesando shopping district, waiting for the store to open the door.

        In Australia, in the past when Apple has a new product release, there will be hundreds of people gathered in the Apple store in Sydney, they will be in the town's main street long lines waiting to buy. But according to a live witness at Reuters, there were fewer than 30 people waiting in line before Friday's store opening.

        Although the number of people waiting to buy in the Apple store has been declining for years, many people have chosen to buy from the Internet, but the latest iPhone sales to a certain extent, or because of its bad comments.

        Mazen Kourouche was the first fruit powder to wait in front of the Apple store in Tokyo for 11 days. He said, so that he can buy the earliest iPhone 8 and YouTube on this product evaluation.

        He said: "The iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 are very similar, but with a modest improvement, but it can shoot 60 frames per second of 4k video, and it uses a new glass backplane instead of metal, which makes it look It is more durable. In addition, this product does not have much new features.

        In China, an Apple fan of loyal fans said the improved camera was a reason for her to buy a new iPhone.

Sina microblogging, on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X coverage than the previous release of the heat are low.

        After 10 years of Apple's launch of the first generation of revolutionary mobile phones, the iPhone 8's poor rating led the company's share price to fall to a nearly two-month low of $ 152.75 on Thursday (September 21), as investors worried about the Equipment booking situation is much lower than the previous release.

        Alex Zaharov-Reutt, technical editor of, an Australian science and technology news site, says the iPhone 8 will only cater for those who want to use the new iPhone but do not want to spend $ 999 on the iPhone X.

        The iPhone X is a glass and stainless steel device and uses the latest full-screen design, Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, calls it "the biggest leap since the advent of the iPhone."

        Ray Yokoyama bought an iPhone 8 at the Tokyo Apple store and said, "I think there will be more people coming to the iPhone X for sale."


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awkward! iPhone 8 in Asia and Australia for sale cold: Beijing Apple store only four people line up

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