The latest release of the "Forbes" Asian edition in September 2017 issued "2017 Asia's best listed company 50" list, Alibaba top spot, and Jingdong due to sustained losses were kicked out of Asia's best listed company TOP50.

        This is Forbes 13th release of the best listed companies in Asia list, the list of companies are the Asia-Pacific region's star enterprises, of which 11 is the new list of companies, China still seize most of the focus. Of the 50 companies this year, 26 are headquartered in mainland China, which is the highest ever.

        "Forbes" that this is full of vitality with the Chinese economy. The first half of this year, China's GDP growth rate back to 6.9%, significantly better than expected. At the same time, the profits of China's industrial enterprises to more than 20% of the rate of growth, employment to the good, price stability. China's economy is good for the global economic growth contributed an important force.

         According to "Forbes" production list of data, Alibaba to 399 billion US dollars to the top of the market value, Tencent to 387 billion US dollars ranked second; sales, Alibaba 23.5 billion US dollars, Tencent for 22.9 billion US dollars. In fact, the "Forbes" evaluation list is already used in the old data. July 27 this year, Alibaba to more than 400 billion US dollars of the market value of the Asian record.

       "Forbes" evaluation, why Alibaba is so powerful is not a secret, this is located in Hangzhou, the Internet giant is the rapid acquisition and development. In fact, Ali has touched every corner of the Chinese economy and is constantly expanding outside.

        Jingdong reason why the list kicked out, because Jingdong continued losses. According to Forbes' selection criteria, the list is selected from 1694 Asian listed companies with annual revenues of more than $ 1.8 billion. Any state-owned enterprises that are losing money, or whose income is less than five years ago, and those with a high debt ratio or more than half of the state's shareholding can not be covered.

        In the previous July 20, 2017 annual "Fortune" Fortune 500 list released, Jingdong to a loss of 570 million US dollars in the list of enterprises in China accounted for "loss first."


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Forbes Asia 50 companies: Alideng top, Jingdong list

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