Recently, the market research firm Technavio released the global glasses market report, analysis of 2017 - 2021 may affect the market trend of the rise and fall.

         As the proportion of consumers with visually impaired gradually increased, the demand for adjustable vision glasses more and more vigorous, the global optical market is growing. Consumers diet habits change, have more time to spend playing video games, watching TV, as well as in the work and home use of personal computers, etc., are the main reason for poor vision. Developed countries such as the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Japan, with the variety of optical products, design, color and function continues to increase, as well as celebrity endorsements, sales are also increasing.

         According to Technavio consumer and retail research analyst, the following three major trends will affect the rise and fall of the global eyewear market:

1, the whole channel distribution system and the use of digital marketing

         Online shopping in the economic system has become increasingly important, more and more emerging enterprises settled on the Internet platform, selling their own products. In order to increase sales and sales, expand customer coverage, they are actively implementing online marketing and promotional activities. Online marketing not only allows consumers to access products, but also help companies reduce operating costs.

         "In an era where consumers have a variety of needs, companies on the market are trying to provide customized services and other services for online shoppers, such as virtual fitters, or free delivery," said TamalSaha, chief research and sales research and marketing research firm at Technavio. With the customization of glasses becoming more and more popular, companies are trying to improve customer satisfaction, and some suppliers will provide expert advice and advice on product selection according to customer requirements.

2, the demand for high-end glasses, personalized service and loyalty programs continue to grow

         In Europe, Britain, France, Spain and Italy and other European countries, potential consumers of high-end glasses and sunglasses demand is growing. Some popular sunglasses high-end brands include Tom Ford, Burberry, Gucci, LV and Armani. Despite the relatively low sales of these products, but in the forecast period, the high-end branded products, consumer spending will increase, will benefit the global development of the optical market.

        Tamper added, "Personalized eyewear products and services will help small glasses business marketers build long relationships with their customers and bring business to their businesses, and retailers can make it easier for consumers to provide personalized services."

3, glasses become fashion supplies

        Glasses manufacturers and designers are increasingly focusing on developing new styles, shapes, sizes, colors and frames for glasses and sunglasses. With product development and innovation, consumers can choose products according to the occasion, such as with overalls, casual clothes, party clothes or beachwear and so on.

         For some time, prescription sunglasses have been popular, many consumers use two glasses a day, a regular prescription glasses, the other is prescription sunglasses.


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