Swedish electricity market continues to grow. According to online payment provider Dibs data show that the Swedish electricity business market this year, the market value will reach 109.5 million kronor, about 11.5 billion euros, up 9% over last year.

        Dibs has been tracking the Swedish electricity market every year for the past six years. "The total revenue in the electricity business sector is growing, and it is still due to the changing online consumption patterns," said Daniel Larsson, chief executive officer of the company. "Of course, the Swedish economy continues to grow and contribute.

        Over the past four years, the Swedish electricity market grew 45 percent from nearly 8 billion euros in 2013 to 11.5 billion euros this year. So what about the European electricity market, in addition to the Swedish electricity business data, the seller should also understand what?

        According to Ecommerce Foundation 2017 European electricity business report, on the European electricity market, retailers need to know the following 11 points:

1, the highest penetration rate of the European countries

        About one-third of the world's population can use the network, but which countries in Europe, the network penetration rate higher? According to Eurostat, European Internet penetration has steadily increased and has increased by 13% over the past five years. Northern Europe was 93% ahead, followed by Western Europe 89%, Central Europe 86%, Southern Europe 71%, Eastern Europe 66%.

        Norway is currently the country with the highest penetration rate in Europe, reaching 100%, while Ukraine has the lowest network penetration rate of only 49%.

2, the European electricity business data

        As the online shopping boom swept the retail industry, a large number of companies began to get involved in online sales. Since 2010, the proportion of companies offering online shopping experience has grown steadily from 13% in 2010 to 18% in 2016, and the proportion of companies with their own websites has increased from 67% in 2010 to 77 in 2016 %.

3, the main European electricity business enterprises

        Amazon still dominates the European electricity market, 2015 Amazon European revenue of 38.5 billion euros. Followed by Apple, European electrical retailer Dixons Carphone and French retail group Groupe Casino and its commercial platform Cdiscount, 2015, their revenue in the EU were 6.4 billion euros, 3.9 billion euros and 2.4 billion euros.

4,2016 - 2017 online shopper data

        According to the latest statistics of the Eurostat, 87% of British shoppers have purchased online purchases in the past 12 months, compared with 18% in Romania. After the United Kingdom, Denmark ranked second (84%), Macedonia was the penultimate, only 20%.

5, the age of online shoppers

        Consumers of all ages buy products online. In the four years between 2013 and 2016, the number of online shoppers aged 16-74 increased by about 9%. In 2016, 67% of consumers aged 16-24 were online shopping, compared with 64% of consumers aged 25-54 and 35% of consumers aged 55-74.

6, the second quarter of 2017 consumers spend online

        In the second quarter of 2017, 6 to 25 percent of consumers aged between 25 and 54 spent more than 1000 euros, compared to 2 percent of consumers aged 16-24. Since May, 22% of consumers aged 25-54 spend between 100 and 400 euros, while 15% of consumers between 16 and 24 spend between € 50 and € 99.

7, online shopping popular category

        As more and more companies move to the electricity industry, the most popular categories have also changed, such as food and food sales from 2015 to 2016 increased by 3%. But consumers buy the most categories of clothing and sports goods, accounting for 34% of online shopping expenses, since 2015, an increase of 2%. Travel and computer software is also one of the popular products on the Internet, accounting for 29% and 28% of online sales, respectively.

8, the use of online shopping equipment

        Obviously mobile electricity business is a very important part of the 2017 electricity industry. IAB data show that 75% of European consumers online products or services on mobile devices, while Turkey is the largest proportion of mobile payment users, 91%. In addition, 25% of European respondents said they had at least 2-3 times a month online shopping, and 7% every day online shopping.

9, the world's most popular and the most popular areas of electricity category

        Mentioned above the most popular class in Europe, then what about the situation around the world?

        North America's hottest commodity category is financial services (25.4% of consumer online spending), while the most popular category is packaged food and beverages (1.7%). On the other hand Asia Pacific's most popular online shopping products are mobile phones (28.3%), the most popular category and North America is packaged food and beverage (4.4%).

         Latin America's most popular online shopping category is consumer electronics (27.4%), the most popular is the home cleaning supplies (2.6%); and in the Middle East's most popular online shopping category is also consumer electronics (15.2%), the most popular is Packaged food and beverages (1.7%).

         Europe's popular category is mobile phone (30.1%), the most popular is the packaging of food and beverages (4.4%).

10, cross-border shopping

         Cross-border shopping in the electricity industry has become increasingly common, as banks attract more and more international consumers into the electricity market. Luxembourg has the largest number of sea Amoy consumers, sea and sea ratio of nearly 74%. The lowest proportion of Turkish sea scabs (2%), second only to Romania (3%).

11, cross-border online shopping problems

         In 2016, the biggest problem faced by cross-border electrician shoppers was the speed of delivery (17%), followed by technical problems (13%), product / service errors or damage (9%), and difficulty finding protection and rights Information (5%), did not deal well with complaints (4%), fraud (3%), and some foreign retailers do not ship to some countries (3%).


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